Increased Presence of Hawks

January 29, 2019

Residents have reported an increased presence of hawks in the area, specifically around the Baltz Elementary baseball fields which is adjacent to Vilone Village (Olga Road).

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research has provided a great article concerning hawks:

They also state it is not unusual to see hawks in our neighborhoods; and actually it is a sign of a healthy environment. There are some years we see more raptors than others due to irruption years. Although these raptors will rarely, if ever, pose a threat to our companion animals we advise the public to keep cats indoors for their and wildlife safety or to be supervised while outside. Often times they are attracted to food left outside for animals, particularly in the winter months when resources are scarce.

All wild birds are federally protected and you are encouraged to perform your own research (from reputable sources) to collect more information on how to harmoniously coexist with wildlife.

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