10/13/17 – Bark Park Reopens

Town’s Dog Park Reopens

At 8:15 this morning October 13, 2017 the Town of Elsmere Bark Park reopened.  The park had been closed for approximately one month while the Town investigated concerns over the pesticide that was used at the park from one of our citizens.

The Town reached out to the State of Delaware Department of Agriculture for assistance in determining what the results of testing collected by our citizen actually meant.  On Thursday, October 12, 2017 the Town received notice that after reviewing the results of the samples collected by the citizen with a hydrologist, the level of Glyphosate presented on the report had been deemed safe from a drinking water perspective.

The report showed that there were 7.7 ppb of Glyphosate found in the water sample taken from the park.  According to EPA documents in order for drinking water to be unacceptable, the level of Glyphosate would need to be 0.7 ppm or greater; with the conversion being 1 ppm to 700 ppb.  Therefore, the level of Glyphosate present in the water at the park is nearly 100x lower than the safe drinking water cut-off.

Based upon this information being put into perspective the decision was made to re-open the park immediately.  We hope that anyone who was inconvenienced by the closing of the park will understand that the Town has an obligation to all of our residents, and those who visit our town, to ensure that the facilities we maintain are safe for all who wish to take advantage of them.

We also thank the many residents who called the Town Hall during the time the park was closed for their understanding and support while we investigated the allegation.

Below is a chart showing the parts per million of Glyphosate that is present in everyday foods.  This chart will hopefully allow you to put this into perspective.  We hope that you will all return to the park and take advantage of the last few weeks of good weather with your dog.

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